Welcome to Abigail’s World

A world I created a long time ago, a place to escape and to help me overcome the worries that I have.


I wanted to write the story of my world that I escaped to as a child, creating magical places and adventures for Abigail and Bear. I’ve always had Abigail’s World in my head as a child and I couldn’t wait to share my story. My aim is to bring fun and adventure to children and parents during story time. Using the techniques I was taught to help control my worries and anxiety.


There are loads of exciting and yummy places to explore in Abigails World!

From the beautiful paths surrounded by flowers, the crystal clear lake to the scrumptious cake stand!


Follow Abigail and her friends through her World!

My Favourite places

When I’m feeling worried, or sad, I like to go to some of my favourite places. The Soothing Sycamore tree takes away my worries, as I write them down in my notebook and lock them inside the tree. It soothes my mind and takes the weight of the worry off of my shoulders. Writing your worries down helps you take the worry out of your mind and onto the paper.



I also love to play with Bear or go to the cake stall. Thinking of something magical and lovely, or even doing something nice, distracts your mind of the worries and helps you forget all about them. It is good to keep busy!



Finally, talking to my mum! Talking to someone close helps you feel better about your worries. They can make you feel a lot better about it and its good to share these feelings with people you love.