Welcome To
Abigails World!

Hi, my name is Abi! I am the author and creator of Abigail's World. When I was 6 years old, I struggled with severe anxiety that made me worry constantly. As a way of managing my worries, I created Abigails World, a place I could go to that was safe and would allow me to talk about my worries. Talking and sharing this wonderful place allowed me to be comfortable with discussion, especially with my parents, something that eventually led to me getting better.

The Story

The story of Abigails World begins in book one, with the introduction to the characters and Abigails first adventure to put those worries aside.

The aim of the books is to provide help your little ones understand that it is ok to worry,  it is absolutely ok to talk about them and that it can actually be fun to talk about them.

As well as the books, we have a monthly newsletter that provides updates on our readers stories, tips for you, as well as fun exercises for your children to do.

Would you like to find out more about the book?

Brilliant read!

Loved this book! Fabulous illustrations. Great story of a little girl living with anxiety and the coping mechanisms. Would recommend for any child.
Alison Bardsley

Beautifully written children's book

I bought this book to give to my partner's son as I loved the idea of the story and children having their own world to escape to. The book arrived very quickly and I could not have been happier with it. The story is absolutely amazing, accompanied by the most amazing images to tell the story and make it lovely and visual for children of all ages. I am so happy with my book and so was my partner's son. I would 100% recommend this book!
Lucy Endacott

A must read children's book!

Such an amazin book! I found it to be an exciting story following a young girl with anxiety and the adventure she goes on into “Abigail’s world”. Beautiful illustrations that keeps you completely captivated! Would highly recommend
Rhiannon Millett

Simply Wonderful

This book is a wonderful read for any child and parent, dealing with serious issues such as childhood anxiety can be scary but here they are addressed with sincerity and understanding. The illustrations are beautiful and really capture the world created. I hope there will be more to come!
E. Franieczek

Perfect Children's Book

I bought this book to read to my Foundation class (4 year olds). They absolutely LOVED the story that followed Abigail and her challenges. It really is such a relevant topic as mental health and wellbeing are so very important in current education. The story encouraged the children all to reflect on their worries and how they might overcome them. Other teachers in our school are looking forward to sharing it with their children too! A fantastic story with beautiful illustrations.
Rosie Warrington